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FREE Copy of Battlefield 2042

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Welcome to our free giveaway of battlefield 2042, all you need to do is to “purchase” our free raffle and follow our page below where we will announce the winner on release day! Winner will be randomly selected and announced live on our Facebook page.


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Raffle ends on: 22 October 2021 6:00 pm

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Welcome to our free giveaway of battlefield 2042, all you need to do is to “purchase” our free raffle, follow our page below and share it! We will announce the winner on release day on the Facebook page and deliver your game key by email!

Join our Facebook page for winner announcements and updates!

We will contact the winner first to establish their platform of choice!

Don’t forget, to recieve your free game you must also join and share our giveaways Facebook page!

Good luck!!


Battlefields changing before your eyes. A cutting-edge arsenal at your disposal. The grand return of all-out warfare. Adapt and overcome in massive-scale 128 player battles* where dynamic storms, environmental hazards, total combat freedom, and Battlefield’s signature destruction spark a new breed of Only in Battlefield moments.


What is this?

We already run a successful computer business (as you can see in the other pages on our website) and want to provide fantastic free giveaways and competitions to give you a chance of winning some incredible tech prizes.

It’s been a tough time for people during lock down, it has also been almost impossible to source tech, with our wholesale connections we can get hold of things pretty easily! This is a new project for us, honestly to have some fun and engage with the community.

All proceeds from the draw go straight back into sourcing the next competition prize and hopefully we will have a little left over for marketing! After all, this will help us grow the community, the better this goes, the better the prizes we can offer!

This is about creating a community where we can all have fun and win some prizes.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have on the live chat facility on the website, or by joining our Facebook group, we are happy to answer any questions or, even if you have any suggestions for prizes, struggling to get hold of something – just let us know! We will do our best to take on feedback and intrude them as the next prize!

We really look forward to seeing you all online and within our groups on Facebook.

Don’t forget to join our page!

How do I get my number?

After completion of payment, your number(s) will be displayed, they will also be emailed to you and will be available under “my account.”

How are the prizes drawn?

The draw is done live on Facebook, using a random number generator to determine the winner.

How do I know who has won?

After our live draw, the winners will be announced via social media, we will also post our winners on a dedicated winners page.

There are a few raffle scams online.

We understand this model is a new format and some people might abuse this online, however we are a trusted retailor, and are always available either by email on the live chat to speak to a real person and have a conversation, we are not a faceless online presence. As mentioned before, we already run a successful company and lots of our reviews can be found online. This isn’t our source of income as a business, for us it is really just a way to engage with our customers and have some fun.

How are you able to get hold of items that aren’t available?

This is mostly why we decided to hold the competition, as especially during lock down electronics have been very hard to source in a retail environment – Luckily, due to our main business we have a lot of wholesale suppliers and we are able to purchase items in bulk, meaning we have lots of fun tech around the office.

When will the winner get the prize?

After the live draw, we will always call or email the winners immediately after the draw to let them know the good news. Generally after the winner is chosen you can expect the prize to arrive within 2 days.


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