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High Precision, Fully Automatic Desktop 3D Scanner

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A high precision desktop 3D scanner featuring a 360 degree turntable. With industrial vision sensors and lenses. With an expandable body design, this fully automatic scanner was designed for high precision rapid scanning.

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High-precision industrial vision sensor and lens, modular and extensible machine design and full-automatic two axis turntable;
One click to achieve different sizes and precision of 3D scanning;
Ultra thin turntable, three second opening and closing of the integrated folding body;
Small space occupation, convenient packaging and storage;
Multiple working distances available, fresh cable management, magnetic suction installation, plug and play.


Turntable & expandable design

The Wiiboox Reeyee SP has a fully automatic ultra-thin turntable with a maximum of 5kg load bearing. It has a modular, expandable body design that occupies little desktop space, and is also quick and easy to fold up for packing and storage.

Scan modes, precision & speed

The scanner is capable of both auto rotary scanning and free scanning with a precision of 0.05mm at a scan speed of under 3 minutes. Its collage modes include rotary table auto collage, mark point collage and manual collage.

Industrial vision sensors and lenses; plug and play

The Wiiboox Reeyee SP features industrial vision sensors and lenses for high precision scanning from three working distances. This scanner is a plug and play device with software installation.

Ultra-thin turntable – Ultra thin double axis turntable, a new benchmark in the industry
Seamless – Connect to the 3D Printer seamlessly.
Super dual axis – Fully automatic two axis turntable, one-click to achieve 3D scanning of different sizes and precision.
Full automation – Turntable automatic splicing.
Super expansion – Multiple resolutions and multiple precision, you can combine them to meet your demands.
Extreme speed scanning – It only takes 3 minutes for turntable scanning.

80s High Speed Scanning


  • Building block expansion
  • Multi-resolution Multi-precision Combination on demand
  • Ultra-thin two-axis turntableNew industry benchmark
  • Hidden line position
  • Ultra-thin double shaft
  • Second fold
  • Easy assembly
  • Magnetic positioning 1 second in place
  • Say goodbye cables with a simple setup


Our structured light Desktop 3D Scanner is perfect for a range of applications including primary and high-school aged education, and industrial 3D design training.

The EinScan-SE is also designed for industry use. Due to remarkable ease and scanning speed, the Desktop 3D Scanner is effective engaging in model reconstruction, reverse design and 3D data archiving.

The high quality digital rendering is ideal for Animation work, CG film design and VR & AR development.



Bundled software features a sleek design and industry grade ease-of-use. Compatible with Mac & Windows, Multiple options of alignments, a vital simultaneous data display, mesh editing and multi-language support.

Users can instantly throw their data out into the world with one-click exporting in multiple formats ready for 3d modelling, editing or indeed straight to print with one of our 3d printers!

Wiiboox Reeyee 3D Object Scanner


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