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Light 280 LCD 3D Resin Printer

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Industrial Grade Light-Cured 3D Printer

Light 280 uses leading light-curable 3D printing technology, which is placed with the liquid photo sensitive resin in a material box.

Building Size:WxDxH 215*135*280mm

The larger forming size not only meets the wider demand for product printing, but also completes more printing tasks at one time.

Wiiboox Light 280 LCD 3D Printer

More Than Big

This is a Formula One racing car model with a length of 280mm. Before the launch of Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer, you can only print this kind of large-size and high-precision 3D model with industrial-grade SLA 3D Printer. Or you have to lower your requirements on precision to choose the FDM technology. Now, you can have a new choice — large size, high precision, low-cost investment and easy operation.

Breeze Through T15 Precision Test

T15 Precision Test is a challenge that all Wiiboox Light series LCD 3D Printers must pass before leaving the factory. In this small space of 60*36*3mm, 15 challenging models lined up, especially the T15-7 and T15-8, the smallest space in between is only less than 0.1mm. Many devices have failed in the challenge, but Wiiboox Light makes it!

Outstanding Details

This is a coin-sized model printed by the Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer, pictures shot by a macro camera. This blooming flower with fine lines in the middle of the grid and a diameter of about 0.1mm, even if it is magnified hundreds of times through the camera lens, it still looks clear, distinct and sharp.If you put it under the light, all the details will be more crystal clearer, and this is what Wiiboox Light 280’s interpretation of fineness and delicacy.

Such Delicate Dental Models – 120 Pieces for One-Time Printing

Pour the dental model resin into the Wiiboox Light Pro+, set the printing precision into 0.08mm, place 24 models per layer and 5 layers to full the build volume. That’s 120 dental models in total! And it takes only 16 hours to print all of them. Isn’t it incredible?

Only 3.5-Hours to Duplicate the Tiger Bracelet

Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Solution Using Wiiboox Reeyee 3M & Wiiboox Light Pro+

It takes only 3.5 hours to duplicate this bracelet. After capturing the high-precision 3D data with the Wiiboox Reeyee 3M Blue Light 3D Scanner, we can duplicate the tiger bracelet using the Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer. Take a look at the dot patterns on the bracelet with a depth of only 0.3mm, which has been faithfully restored no matter in the 3D scanning process or the 3D printing proces. So it’s definitely reliable to use Wiiboox Reeyee 3M and Wiiboox Light Pro+.

Wiiboox Reeyee 3M
Wiiboox Reeyee 3M
Wiiboox Light Pro+
Wiiboox Light Pro+

Optimal User Experience Comes From 996

9 times of optimized operation logic, 9-week UED design, 6 versions to be picked over , all for achieving a best user experience design. It might not be so perfect, but at least it is attentive. Operation steps, file information, printing progress, WI-FI control, automatic feeding, and so on, every single detail, we do our best to make it easier for you.

Free Switch Between Auto Feeding and Manual Feeding

The Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer is equipped with an intelligent automatic feeding system. When the liquid level sensor detects that the resin is below the bottom limit, the feeding system will automatically run to replenish the resin to a proper height. Of course, if you want to try the feeling of manual refilling, you can manually turn off the auto feeding system, clean the resin tank and pour in new resin. The original resin can be left in the feeding system and used when needed.
(Note: The two resins cannot be mixed)

High-cost of Z-axis Lifting System Brings High Precision

The Z-axis lifting system of Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer adopts the high-precision ball screw and linear guide module, which is rare in LCD 3d printers, because the unit cost is 5 times higher than that of using only linear guideway. However, we think it’s worth it. How can we do without paying the price, if we want to be a master?

15 Kinds of Resins, Freedom of Creation

At present, there are 15 kinds of colourful resins available for the Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer. With the research and development day and night, there will be more and more kinds of resins, applicated in more and more fields.

Levelling, Once for All

You only need to level the platform according to the instructions when the Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer is running for the first time. The platform will automatically level according to the elastic compensation in subsequent use, so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of levelling every time before you start printing.

High Uniformity of Light,High Printing Success Rate

The Wiiboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer is equipped with the 405nm ultraviolet LED array, whose light uniformity is more than 85%, which can effectively increase the printing success rate and prolong the service life of the LCD module.

Stable Structure & Humanized Design, Better User Experience

The stable and firm structure makes the printing process very smooth. The humanized upturing front cover design brings a wider range of operating space.

Compatible with a Variety of Resins, More Colourful Creations

The Wilboox Light Pro+ LCD 3D Printer supports printing rigid resin, tough resin, hard resin, casting resin, elastic resin, high temp. resin, etc., and it can be applied in a variety fields like jewellery design, dental orthodontics, DIY action figures and prototype verification.

Model: Automotive Engine Trunking
Material: ABS resin
Total Weight: 400g
Time: 13 hours and 30 minutes
Advantages: Accurate moulding size, Low shrinkage, can be used for design verification

Model: Adult Tooth Model
Material: Dental model resin
Total Weight: 673g
Time: 16 hours and 33 minutes
Advantages: Low heat, High hardness, Suitable for invisible correction and other dental restoration

Model: Gamepad Shell
Material: Rigid resin
Total Weight: 673g
Time: 6 hours and 32 minutes
Advantages: Accurate moulding size, Low shrinkage, can be used for design verification

Model: Peacock
Material: Rigid resin
Total Weight: 216g
Time: 5 hours and 30 minutes
Advantages: Smooth surface, Rich details

Model: Famous architectures
Material: Rigid resin
Total Weight: 260g
Time: 6 hours and 27 minutes
Advantages: Smooth surface, Rich details

Model: Statue of Liberty
Material: Rigid resin
Total Weight: 180g
Time: 4 hours and 26 minutes
Advantages: Smooth surface, Rich details

Model: Gear
Material: ABS resin
Total Weight: 960g
Time: 23 hours and 30 minutes
Advantages: Accurate moulding size, Low shrinkage, can be used for design verification

Model: Deer
Material: Rigid resin
Total Weight: 120g
Time: 2 hours and 56 minutes
Advantages: Smooth surface, Rich details


Machine size W510*D360*H395mm
Machine Weight 25kg
Building size 215*135*280mm
building speed 10-20mmH/Hours
Forming Method LCD Surface Forming
Forming Panel LCD Independent Module, Quick Replacement
Wavelength 402.5-405nm
Led Type Array LED
Data format STL, SLC
Transfer Way USB or WIFI
Spot size 0.0067mm²
Layer thickness 0.025, 0.05, 0.1mm
Control Way Touch screen/ remote control
Feeding material way Automatic/manual (optional)
Forming Material Toughness Resin, Standard Resin, Castable Resin, Other Resins
Voltage 110-220v
Power 160W
Material type normal uv resin, High Strength and Toughness Resin, casting resin, flexible resin, soft resin
Application fields prototype, jewelry, dental, medical treatment, art, architectural model, education etc.



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Order now and your computer will be shipped the following morning – although do please allow a maximum delivery of 4-5 working days. We do NOT charge extra for this quick build or for a premium AM delivery. *UK mainland only.


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