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All in One PCs

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Why Choose an All-in-One Desktop PC?

An all-in-one (AIO) PC works similarly to a standard desktop PC, except that it takes up much less space. In addition, an AIO PC offers several other benefits. These are powerful machines, that can be compact enough to move and even transport easily. Stream video, use social media platforms or do work from your cost-effective all in one PC.


Standard PC desktops are constrained to your desk and moving them takes significant time and effort. If you have a desktop that’s integrated to many different parts like speakers, an extra hard drive, or LAN connections, it can be complicated and challenging to reposition. An AIO PC is a single unit with a cable, allowing you to move it wherever and whenever you want. You can now enjoy the power of a desktop in something just a little bigger than a flash drive.


All in one PCs are more than capable of streaming video or using social media platforms or using work suite programs. Although not all AIO PCs use touchscreens, this innovative option gives you better functionality than standard desktop screens. All you have to do is plug it into a power outlet, attach it to a monitor or TV, and hit the power button.


Features, like the speakers, are already integrated into the AIO PC. If you prefer, you can utilise TV speakers for sound, as a HDMI cable will allow you to output audio as well as video through it. Additionally, you can easily upgrade the machine with tools built specifically for AIO PCs. Let us know what you intend to use your all in one PC for and we can customise it for your requirements.

all in one desktop pcs

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