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Intel NUCs are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but they pack enough power to run all your office applications.

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What is a mini PC?

Mini PCs, sometimes called ‘mini computers’, are simply PCs that are just as powerful as a regular computer but take up less physical space. Mini desktop PCs have many advantages; they are more efficient both in terms of size and power consumption than the average computer. Aside from these benefits, the price of mini PCs is often better value than a full size desktop or laptop.

Here are a few popular uses for mini PCs:

  • Gaming – Mini PCs are a great choice for gamers. They are easy to transport, so gamers can take them to events or to friends’ houses.
  • Programming – Mini PCs can be fantastic for coding. They have more flexibility than laptops, as they can be connected to any monitor and function well with multiple screens.
  • Video and Audio Editing – Mini PCs can be used for professional video and audio editing, as they can accommodate powerful specs which meet the demands of creative software.
  • Business and Work – Mini PCs are excellent for carrying out all kinds of professional business and work, workers can take it home with them if necessary or bring it with them on business trips.

Buy a Mini PC at Inside Tech

We are a trusted online retailer for all your PC and tech needs. Our wide selection of regular and mini PCs has something for everyone including hardcore gamers, content producers, graphical wizards, heavy number crunchers, and many others. We also cater to bespoke requests.

Our machines can perform an equally wide range of tasks – anything from daily household use, office demands, to heavy industrial needs.

We will build your custom mini PC to order, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications.  All you have to do is select a model and then choose the hardware options that best suit your needs and budget.

Add a monitor to your order, or opt for a super high-resolution, ultra-slim Asus 27” Frameless Eye Care IPS Monitor and see all your games and videos in stunning full HD.

Mini PC from Inside Tech
custom mini pc

Custom Mini PCs

Custom PC building has become easier over the last few years. This is one of the reasons people opt for it. Custom PCs give them the freedom to handpick every part so their machine will be able to do exactly what they need it for.

If you don’t know much about PC parts, or let alone building one, that’s where we come in. You can either choose from our wide selection of ready-made PCs or PC templates and make adjustments from there. You can also tell us exactly what your PC is intended for and we can make it happen.

A straightforward PC for overall home use, for example, will not need that much power but should be able to play games and stream videos no problem.

A computer that will be used for editing heavy videos or banner-size photos will need a little more kick, we can help you with these, too.

A computer for purely office use and heavy number-crunching won’t require that much graphical muscle but can benefit from a powerful processor.

These are only a few examples of the machines we can build for you.

Small Form Factor Mini PCs

One of the best parts of having us build your PC is our ability to take your machine specifications and fit them into a small form factor. Computer parts have come so far in that size is no longer a reliable indication of power.

Whether they’re for an office workstation or a gaming rig for the kids, mini PCs are an excellent choice.

Small Form Factor Mini PCs
What are mini pcs

Browse Mini PCs on Inside Tech

If you need a new desktop PC but don’t have the space for a large tower, mini PCs are the perfect solution. Our online shop has a wide range of mini PCs to choose from, all customisable with the features and specs that you want. Mini desktop PCs are great because they are small and compact, making them perfect for homes or offices with limited space. They also use less energy than traditional desktop PCs, meaning you can save on your electricity bills. So, what are you waiting for? Order your mini PC today.

Best Sellers

  • 12th Gen Fanless Intel Mini PC Quad Core (Triple Display – Dual LAN)

    Prices from
    Incl. Tax: £276.00
    Excl. Tax: £230.00
    Save £24.00
    Fanless computers offer a number of key advantages over traditional, actively cooled systems and excel in dusty and dirty environments. Our fanless, solid state mini PCs leverage advanced passive cooling technology and utilize SSD storage, resulting in ultra reliable, totally silent computers with no moving parts.
    • Fanless
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • Up to 16GB DDR4 RAM
    • Triple Display
    • Built in Wi-Fi 802.11ac & Bluetooth
    • 8x USB 2x USB 3.0 6x USB 2.0, 2x HDMI - 1 x Display Port and Dual LAN ports.
    • Intel Processor - N100 Max Speed 3.40GHz.
    • Silent and efficient operation.
    • 64Bit Operating System, Preinstalled and activated - Lifetime licence.
    • Dimensions: HxDxW 4cm x 13cm x 13.5cm
  • i7 11th NUC Primary 3

    Intel i7 12th Gen Mini PC NUC Desktop Computer – Quad 4k Display Supported – Intel XE Graphics

    Prices from
    Incl. Tax: £488.00
    Excl. Tax: £406.67
    Performance thats hard to beat at this size! With dual storage design you can have up to 4TB of storage in a system that fits in the palm of your hand! Run up to 4 displays.
    • Dimensions: 12cm (W) x 13cm (D) x 4.8cm (H)
    • Run up to 4 Displays
    • 7 USB ports
    • USB-C
    • 12th Gen i7 CPU with Intel XE Graphics and 12 Cores
    • Excellent thermal performance, superior cooling.
    • Up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Intel i9 Mini Gaming PC – 1650Ti

    Prices from
    Incl. Tax: £689.00
    Excl. Tax: £574.17
    Powerful for gaming and design along with general home and office use. Equipped with a choice of Intel CPU and GTX 1650 Graphics Card.
    • Dimensions: 22cm (W) x 20cm (D) x 4cm (H)
    • Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Ubuntu LTS
    • Run up to 2 Displays
    • 6 USB ports
    • Nvidia GTX 1650Ti
    • i9 Intel CPU
    • Excellent thermal performance, superior cooling.
    • Up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM

Frequently Asked Questions

At Inside Tech, we have the answers to help you select a mini PC that fits your specifications. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions:

A mini PC is a small form factor computer with the same features and performance as a traditional desktop. Mini PCs can come in different sizes, from palm-sized devices to ultra-slim models. Most mini PCs come with the latest components, providing power for everyday computing.

The most powerful mini PC depends on your needs and budget. Mini PCs can be configured with AMD or Intel components and the latest graphics cards. Inside Tech offers a range of options, from basic computing to powerful gaming rigs.

Inside Tech is the best place to buy a custom-built mini PC. Our team of experts can help you build a mini PC tailored to your specific needs and budget. Plus, we offer a range of components to choose from to get the performance and features you need.

It depends on your needs. A mini PC is an excellent choice for those who want a powerful, space-saving computer. They are generally more affordable than a traditional desktop, making them an excellent value and a great choice for any budget.

Mini PCs can have some drawbacks such as limited upgradability and a lack of expandable storage options. However, many of these issues can be minimised with the right components, and you can still get a powerful mini PC that meets your needs.

Like any computer, the lifespan of a mini PC depends on the components and how it is maintained. Generally, a mini PC should last several years if you use quality components and keep them properly. Proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your mini PC.

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