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Custom Mini PCs

Our selection of the latest Mini PC, the ultimate no compromise solution for those looking to save space. Browse our selection of the best Mini PC below - Imagine your dream PC - streamlined, sleek and perfectly capable of handling the latest blockbuster games or running a multitude of programs. Now imagine it fits in the palm of your hand. Inside Tech can make your dream a reality. Looking for a Mini PC not featured below? Contact us for something a little more custom.

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Inside Tech

We are a trusted online retailer for all your PC and tech needs. Our wide selection of regular and mini PCs has something for everyone including hardcore gamers, content producers, graphical wizards, heavy number crunchers, and many others. We also cater to bespoke requests.

Our machines can perform an equally wide range of tasks – anything from daily household use, office demands, to heavy industrial needs.

We will build your custom mini PC to order, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications.  All you have to do is select a model and then choose the hardware options that best suit your needs and budget.

Add a monitor to your order for under £55, or opt for a super high-resolution, ultra-slim Asus 27” Frameless Eye Care IPS Monitor and see all your games and videos in stunning full HD.

Fully Customised PCs

Custom PC building has become easier over the last few years. This is one of the reasons people opt for it. Custom PCs give them the freedom to handpick every part so their machine will be able to do exactly what they need it for.

If you don’t know much about PC parts, or let alone building one, that’s where we come in. You can either choose from our wide selection of ready-made PCs or PC templates and make adjustments from there. You can also tell us exactly what your PC is intended for and we can make it happen.

A straightforward PC for overall home use, for example, will not need that much power but should be able to play games and stream videos no problem.

A computer that will be used for editing heavy videos or banner-size photos will need a little more kick, we can help you with these, too.

A computer for purely office use and heavy number-crunching won’t require that much graphical muscle but can benefit from a powerful processor.

These are only a few examples of the machines we can build for you.

Small Form Factor Mini PCs

One of the best parts of having us build your PC is our ability to take your machine specifications and fit them into a small form factor. Computer parts have come so far in that size is no longer a reliable indication of power.

Whether they’re for an office workstation or a gaming rig for the kids, mini PCs are an excellent choice.

Intel Alder Lake Carbide Gamer