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Fanless PCs

Fanless PCs

Use a computer that’s as efficient as you - no noise, no vibrations, no nonsense. Inside Tech’s fanless PC is a serious workstation, perfect for the working professional or the diligent student. These machines are so still and quiet you can hardly tell they’re there. Contact us today to help you choose your perfect PC and for more information, or browse through our extensive range of products.

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No Noise

By using ingenious designs, we’re able to put together PCs that cool themselves passively. This means there’s no fan to make any kind of annoying buzzing noise.

This quality is especially useful in environments and activities that require high concentration like in offices and when studying.

No Vibration

Silence is not the only benefit of fanless PCs. Without moving parts, there won’t be any vibration on your desk as well. Less vibrations can also mean more durability.

Although computers are designed to withstand extremely long use-times, small movements can still make a big impact over time. Some components may get scratched up. Some screws can become loose. These issues can turn into major problems, especially if parts of your machine start coming off.

Avoid this problem altogether by using fanless PCs that have no moving parts.


By not using fans, this PC can focus its energy use to the operations that really matter. Its small footprint also means it doesn’t use that much power to begin with.

The fanless PC’s power-efficiency is even further improved by configurations within the machine.

In an office setting, this also means that fanless PCs can contribute to cost-savings in power bills.

However, opting for a fanless PC doesn’t limit your options when it comes to form factor or processing power. Inside Tech can build you a completely bespoke fanless mini PC, keyboard PC or NUC PC, with up to AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processing power, a whopping 2TB of SSD space and an ample 32GB of RAM.

Select a model that suits your style and budget, then customise the hardware to suit your needs. You can add a monitor to your order for under £55 or opt for a super high-resolution, ultra-slim Asus 27” Frameless Eye Care IPS Monitor and see all your games and programs in stunning full HD.

The Inside Tech Advantage

We at Inside Tech are specialists at putting together small but quite powerful computers that can do anything from rendering the most intense graphics to playing the newest triple A games.

Awarded the Top Service Provider by Proven Expert, we offer the best prices and the fastest deliveries on the market, with a five-year warranty on all our products.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about fanless PCs and our other products.

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