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Why Choose a Silent PC?

As powerful as computers have become, they have also become more prone to requiring compromises like more energy consumption, bigger cases, and louder noise. These machines now need a tremendous amount of active cooling that inevitably causes their fans to work overtime and create distracting, and even annoying buzzing sounds. If you have multiple systems in the same room, the noise can be too much.

But this is not the only way to go. A powerful computer doesn’t always have to make powerful sounds. Enter Inside Tech’s silent PCs. Our fanless systems are passively cooled and are excellent for use in a quiet environment.

The Benefits of a Quiet Desktop PC

PCs that rely on fans for cooling don’t just cause noise, they are also more inclined to malfunction. Spinning fans can cause vibrations that may be harmful to certain parts of your computer. Given enough time, these vibrations can undo screws or damage connections.

Fans also blow dust into the system even in the most dust-free environments. After a while, dust and lint can build up inside your components and end up damaging them. Using fans can require constant maintenance and cleaning.

Using our silent PCs, you can rest assured that your components are safe from dust and vibrations.

A quiet computer gives you a more peaceful, and therefore, more productive workplace. Even if you’re just using your computer for leisure, silence means you can fully enjoy what you’re doing without a consistent buzz diverting your attention. A quiet computer also means you won’t bother the people around you every time you turn it on.

quiet desktop pc

Free UK Delivery

UK shipping is completely free for all of our PCs – this includes our silent models. We’ll ensure the product you’ve selected is delivered safely to your door in a matter of days after purchasing, so that you can begin enjoying a noise-free computer experience as soon as possible.

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Our silent PCs don’t just offer you a quiet experience, they give you peace of mind. Give us a call so you can learn more about how our computers are the perfect machines for you. We’re also always ready to answer any and all questions you may have.

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