SILENT TECHNOLOGY – The Silencio S600 Steel Edition Case from Cooler Master

silencio s600 mid tower case

SILENCE HAS A SEQUEL – Discover an intense case that is crafted for silent usage. The Silencio S600 from Cooler Master provides silent operation and enhanced thermal performance. It utilizes sound-dampening material on the sides and top, with two included 120mm PWM fans with sound-reducing rubber padding for incredibly silent operation. It houses a removable cover on the top which can be removed for better ventilation, whichever you prefer, optimize your airflow without sacrificing the peace and quiet.


A System that’s QUieter than Ever Before

sound dampening side panel

SOUND-DAMPENING STEEL SIDE PANEL – The steel side panel on the side of the case uses sound dampening material to drastically reduce the amount of noise coming from the inside of your system. This unique material is perfect for optimal noise reduction, and allows you to work and play without the distraction of PC noise.

Enhanced Cooling Performance

rubber padded 120mm fans

INCLUDED 120MM PWM FANSTwo Silencio FP 120mm PWM fans have been pre-installed as standard, with options to upgrade to 5x Noctua ultra quiet fans, to provide optimal cooling to the interior of your PC. The fans use special rubber padding to reduce the noise they create.

Silencio Technology



Behind the outer panels are pieces of meticulously placed sound dampening material. The development of the Silencio was driven by Sorama’s Cam64—this allowed for the entire sound spectrum to be visually analyzed by source, resonance pattern, and frequency.

With the identification of peaks within certain frequency ranges, fine-tuning the Silencio for the dispersion of resonance was made possible, reducing the prominence of noise generated by system components. Every detail in design optimized the Silencio for thermal efficiency and silence.